Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mmm... macaroons..!

In between all my taxi-driving today (one birthday party for Linnea this morning and one for Lucas this afternoon, both on the other side of... bloomin' everything = many, many kilometers in the car today) - I managed to fit in a High Tea with my friend Claudia.
We went to the Empire Hotel because they have a promotion on this weekend with a "Macaroon Afternoon Tea". Ooooh, something that suited me oh so well! I've just recently discovered these gorgeous little confections, and I love them! (Apparently, I'm not the only one)

They had all kinds of macaroons, in all kinds of colours and flavours - and the display itself was just amazing!

Mmm, the Nutella ones... dreamy good...

They also had some very innovative taste combos, when it came to the savoury macaroons; f.e they came with salmon, prawns, asparagus, melted cheese..:

First round, I actually tried some of those savoury ones (with paté f.e) but mostly I picked the sweet ones - here some with white chocolate and vanilla, raspberry, mango and apricot:

More of what was on offer, beautifully set up:

Second round, here I tried a macaroon made with chili flakes in it (the one in it's own little bowl), which was more or less the only one of the savoury ones that I actually liked.

Of course I was so busy taking photos of the beautiful macaroons that I didn't remember to take photos of us, until we were already well done and had finished our treat. Claudia, a little blurry unfortunately:

Me, full of macaroons!

What a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon!

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