Friday, 11 March 2011

Put a ring on it

I did my 100th hash back in the beginning of January, and while you get a nice Selangor wine glass for your first award (the 50th), you "just" get cash for all your following celebrations (every 50th hash you do).
Apparently the Hash used to buy the gifts for the hashers, but it ended up becoming too big of a job with too many hashers and too many different opinions about what to get them... So, now you get to buy something yourself.

I made sure that the money I got didn't just go straight into the wallet and straight out again at SupaSave or something like that - I purposely went to the Rainforest Gallery and got myself something to remember those 100 hashes by.
I bought two lovely statement rings, a black/silver one and a silver/shell one:

I use them all the time! (Normally on the right hand yes, but I couldn't hold the camera with my left, so this is how I had to model them..!)
I love them both, and I love they have that special meaning to me. My hash rings!

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Katarina said...

Bra gjort!

Vilka fina ringar!