Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Tonight was the night, many, many Tuesdays in the jungle later, I finally got into the double digits at the hash - tonight I did my 100th hash!

It started raining in the afternoon and even though I had told Grandma we didn't have to go, she was all for it, rain or not, so off we went. We discussed a bit on the way whether or not we would actually go in, in case it would be too dark with the rain. We were running a bit late though, so as soon as we got there the horn went and it really gave us no more time to hesitate.

Grandma shot off into the jungle and I'm not kidding when I'm saying that Nicole and I actually had trouble keeping up with her!
She just put her head down and speeded off, the slippery bits of the trail didn't slow her down one bit. Luckily no one noticed that we actually kind of lost her at one stage when she was quite far ahead of us.., otherwise I might have got the hashit!

Anyway, it was an A to B hash, so after a nice (wet, muddy, slippery) walk through the Diplo jungle, we got to go on a nice bus ride back to site. I got my shout-out for my 100 hashes and we enjoyed a lovely tomato soup with fresh bread - a great, memorable 100th hash!

1 comment:

tinylou said...

well done to you..

i missed mine by a measly 8 runs!

oh well.. hope you had fun and spent the $1000s well....

still missing the hash loads!