Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Book Week 2011

We are in the middle of this year's Book Week, a big happening at school.
Every year they invite a popular author to come and talk to, and inspire the children - this year it's Alan Gibbons, a British author who writes mostly stories for boys.

I went along today after school to a talk he hosted for the parents, about how to get children interested in reading, and more so - how to keep them interested.
It was a really entertaining but also a very thought-provoking half an hour, and I did end up buying a book of short stories by him for Lucas, for his birthday, and got it signed of course. Even if it might be a little bit too "old" for Lucas right now, it'll be nice to have a signed book in his collection by an author he has actually met!

Also, the theme for the week is 'Superheroes'. Not only are the kids getting to dress up on Friday as their favourite Superhero, all their work this week is based on Superhero stories - even the maths homework! :)

Here is the Superhero Lucas' class has made for the Superhero exhibition, The Mighty Metal Mouse:

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