Sunday, 23 January 2011

The big galactic adventure

The winter months are pretty intense party wise for our family. We start off softly with Nathans birthday end of September, then Linnea's in October, Halloween and Christmas of course; then we finish off with the double birthday now in January.
It always feels rather good when it's all over for a while... phew.

The party yesterday was a super hit though. Super hit!
We woke up to a big thunder storm and most of the morning it poured down with rain, something that's not happening very often, usually it rains in the afternoon. I thought, bugger, bugger, bugger... but hey, what to do?
At ten o'clock we were ready anyway, Star Wars music playing loudly, the water slide connected, the amahs in control of the food, the Star Wars spaceships suspended in the ceiling - and all the dress-ups on!

Once all the little jedis had arrived, we took them outside for their first Jedi mission - to control the light sabers. They had to keep some balloons in the air for a certain time to receive their first star - and by now, the sun was shining, so it was all good!
I've never really done party games for the kids before. At younger ages, they tend to be perfectly happy with just free play, but this time I thought it we should give it a try. I was a bit worried, I didn't think I was the "party-game-person", but hey - it was so much fun!

After that while they were playing on the slide and upstairs on the Wii (Star Wars... of course) our special guests arrived, we snuck them in through the back door and they went to get ready in Grandma's room. It took them about 40 minutes to suit up, but gosh was all this secrecy worth it!!
We had organized the 501st Legion to come - and they turned up in full force, with a Storm Trooper, a Clone Trooper, Boba Fett and Darth Vader! You should have seen the kids, the excitement when they saw them come out! They were jumping all over!

We had a bit of a photo shoot with all of them together and the kids got to talk to and pose with all the 501sts. It was awesome!! They looked absolutely fantastic and the kids were electric!

After our special surprise, it was time for the next Jedi mission, and all the kids went outside to defeat the Death Star. Grandma had painted it up on the garage wall, and the kids made it disappear with water balloons. They had so much fun, and it worked like a charm!

The final mission was to find the cake, which had gone missing!
The kids followed a bunch of clues around in the house, upstairs downstairs, inside and outside, to find asteroids to lead them to the cake. Finally they found it on the patio, an amazing cake made by the Kitchen of Jasmine, of course. Yum, yum, yum!

Some more playing, and then home-time. Three hours passed so quickly!
For their goodie bags, I gave them all a photo frame each with the group photo with the 501sts (that I had printed out quickly). All the kids just loved that, and went home buzzing, telling their parents all about what we had been up to.

A great party, we were all very happy about how it turned out, and especially Lucas of course. He had the best time!
I'm just wondering, how are we going to top this next year..? :)

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