Thursday, 27 January 2011

Teppanyaki delight

Last night the girls and I went out for dinner. We had heard about this new teppanyaki room in one of the Japanese restaurants so off we went to try it out.

We let Misuzu order for us, and we ended up trying some different things from the extensive teppanyaki menu, such as vegetables, white fish and beef. We also had to have "the usual" - some salmon sashimi, sushi, tempura prawns, edamame etc.

I'd only done this teppanyaki thing once before (in Athens actually of all places!) a very long time ago. I remember it being quite a show.
A teppanyaki chef usually would do all sorts of tricks while he cooks, like throwing the knives around, cutting the food in decorative ways, making big flames etc. Unfortunately there was none such actions last night. We weren't too sure if it was because there were only the three of us in the room or if they just wont do those things here.

Maybe I was just young and easily impressionable back in the day, but I remember that meal in Athens as one of my best ever!

Anyway, it was nice to have food cooked fresh right in front of you, it all tasted lovely and was presented beautifully. It was nice to discover a new place to go for dinner. We will definitely return, fill up the room with some more people, and hope for a bit of a performance then maybe!

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