Sunday, 30 January 2011

JH3 CNY Hash 2011

The Kids Hash this weekend was one of my favourite ones of the year - the Chinese New Year Hash.
Last year for some reason I can't remember now, we weren't allowed to celebrate with Lion Dancing unfortunately; but I vividly remember the mesmerizing Lion Dance from the Kids Hash two years ago, which was so fantastic that I was so looking forward to today.

But first, a hot dog and a drink after the run, as usual:

I surely wasn't disappointed with the lions this year either..! They were amazing!
First they walked around the tent, the cars and all the people to bless them.

Lucas and the lion:

Linnea giving the lion the red envelope, ang pao:

Very popular lions (and very patient too..!):

Linnea and her new friend Emma getting up close:

The yellow and the red lion:

The yellow was doing a lot of tricks...

While the red one was busy "eating" the oranges:

The yellow one jumped up on this platform:

It continued to amaze us with great agility, oaw!

This is what was left of the oranges!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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