Thursday, 20 January 2011

Birthday people in da house!

It's the big birthday day today - two birthdays in the house!
We both had a lovely morning this morning; managed to wake Lucas up with beautiful (well...) singing at 05.30. I was happy to hear him let out big "oaaaw" and "oaaaah" at EVERY present! It was ALL just what he wanted! :)
Tech deck finger skateboards, Star Wars stuff, Star Wars Lego, a Bionicle, the new Halvan book, a board game, a F14 Top Gun plane, the signed book by Alan Gibbons, a real skateboard, "smellies" and a 'Magic 8-ball'.

Mummy too got spoiled - new heels, new flats, new bag, new dress (well, all provided by myself..!) - a couple of new beads for my Pandora and lovely cards of course.

We then enjoyed breakfast together at the special birthday table and off to school we went.

After school drop off we had fresh peach danish with the Roses, and now Grandma and I are off to a nice manicure and pedicure, lovely!

The plan for the rest of the day is yummy lunch, bring birthday cupcakes to school for Lucas' class; Jungle Gym visit and ice cream this afternoon and later tonight us adults are going out for dinner too.
The FB greetings, text messages and phone calls keeps coming, it's a fab day!

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Dosiss said...

Ett stort GRATTIS till er bâda. Det verkar som om ni har börjat dagen riktigt bra:)