Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Worse than bad

Lucas and Linnea were playing silly buggers before bedtime tonight.
Lucas happened to make Linnea hit her head quite badly on the door (well, don't ask me how cause I didn't actually see it happen, but there's a reason we have a "no playing with the doors-policy" in this house..!) - all by accident of course.

He did say sorry straight away, and many times - but poor Linnea had got a pretty bad bang to the head so she was howling away loudly.
Lucas of course could see it was serious and even though he didn't get scolded at all, he was pretty upset, because she was.

Nathan tried to comfort him saying:
- I know buddy, I know you feel bad.
Lucas (bless him) then burst into tears blubbing:
- Nooo... I feel worse than baaaad!

Oh, bless him.

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