Saturday, 22 January 2011

Book Week finale

Book week finished on Friday with a dress-up day for all the students in Junior School, on the theme 'Superheroes'.
Lucas went dressed as Wolverine, and Linnea (after much debating, and after we couldn't find our cat ears for Catwoman) went as Spidergirl!
Here's Batman Oliver and Linnea ready to go:

Wonder Woman Hannah and Lucas:

Grandma and I asked if we could join the assembly and were welcomed to take part. I thought it could be nice for her to see how the weekly assembly happens here. This time it was Book Week themed of course, and not only the students had put on dress-ups, the teachers too!

The "Supasave Superhero" Mr Williams, ha ha:

Ben, Linnea & Gemma:

There were tons of Spidermen, Batmen, Wonder Women etc; but also quite a few innovative home made heroes:

Lucas was the only 'Wolverine' in the whole Junior School:

Head of Junior School, the "Hat woman"! :D

Alan Gibbons was there and got thanked for his great work with, and inspiration to, the kids this week. He told the kids about his favourite super heroes, here he's channeling the 'Hulk':

And to top of a great week, Lucas came home with this amazing certificate! We're very proud of him!

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