Monday, 17 January 2011

Doggies day out

To be honest, nearly every day lately has been 'doggies day out'; the dogs really have gotten spoiled while Grandma has been here.
You see, I got some new leashes a while back (with choker chains, to avoid them wriggling out of their collars and running away) and since then we've been walking them nearly every day. It's been easier when there has been two of us, to take a dog each. They are pretty strong.

It's been nice because the road behind our house is now sealed and has become a perfect, calm road for the kids to ride on with their bikes. So these walks have become proper outings, where half the simpang (that means Nicole and her kids on bikes and scooters, Misuzu and even our amah) have come along!

We do the same 5k every day. First we have to go to the end of our simpang and get through the mud and the ditch to hit the road which is mostly a bit of a muddy and wet experience:

Then along the road through the fruit orchards, pass the basket ball court - turn around, up the big hill and down again, and home.

I really enjoy the walks, especially when the kids come along, it's nice doing something all of us together. The dogs... well, they enjoy them immensely - every time!

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