Friday, 21 January 2011

Lucas' 7th birthday

After the traditional morning celebrations at home and a whole school day, Lucas got treated to a box of "Star Wars Light Saber Cupcakes" to share with his class mates.
It was very popular, of course!

Blowing out the 7 candle:

Then, on his choice, we took the kids to Jungle Gym after school, and brought along the best friends Hannah & Ben too. Two hours of playing later, they had become very hungry, so McDonald's it was! What a birthday feast!

An afternoon all according to the wishes of the birthday boy! He was happy and after having Skyped with some family and friends, he went to sleep - with half of the bed full of his new toys..!

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Hannah said...

Stumbled upon your blog while googling Brunei blogs because I felt a little homesick! Love your posts, it really reminds me how different life is back East i.e. everyone looks warm, while I'm freezing here in Dallas!