Friday, 21 January 2011

And - Boel's birthday!

My birthday morning was spent at the nail studio, as I mentioned. After we had been prettyfied Yvonne and me, we went and ordered a couple of pieces of furniture I had eyed up earlier (!) and then had sushi for lunch (why change a winning concept, sushi is always good!). Did the cupcake thing at school, and to my surprise the cake ladies had left a little box for me too - as they had found out it was my birthday as well!
How nice!
Yummy mini pavlovas (here with the left over cuppies), us parents sure had a feast while at the Jungle Gym! :)

Last night, it was then my turn to celebrate properly. After we had put the kids to bed we went out for dinner together with a small group of my best friends.

It was a really lovely meal, I got a voucher for one of the best spas in Brunei as a gift; AND, Yvonne had arranged a cake for me, what a surprise!

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