Friday, 14 January 2011

Two in one day

At school on Wednesday, one of Linnea's little class mates brought in a dead (I presume!) black scorpion in a terrarium. She was happily carrying it around when we picked the kids up in the afternoon, and said that her mum had found it in their garden.

Oaahh, I hadn't seen a scorpion in Brunei before, so of course I had a good look. Although we know they exist here, they are quite a rare sight apparently. Bruce & Yvonne only ever came across one, during their ten years here.
It was rather big, and very shiny. (I did take a picture, but it came out unusable unfortunately.)

Imagine my surprise when later that same afternoon while on our walk around the "back track" with the dogs, we see another (dead...) scorpion on the side of the road!
Two in one day! Glad they both were dead though...

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Ashes said...

There are plenty near 'kampong' areas, especially those near the jungle. I found a large one last year in the heart of bandar tho..also dead :P