Monday, 24 January 2011


I'm not quite sure where the last two months have gone..? Last time I was just remotely 'with it' was in the middle of November..!
It was then Nathan took off to NZ and I was "single mum" for a week; a day after he got back the kids and I went to Sweden for three weeks; the day after we got back Grandma and Granddad arrived - and, it's just now things will (well, kind of, do they really ever in Brunei..?) go back to normal.
Grandma left last night, after over a month here with us - and she has, honestly, had a blast!

You should know that when we first moved to Brunei, all we heard was that she would never set her foot here again, it was - and I quote - "over her dead body" that she would ever return here. She just wanted to move forward, Brunei was more of a "been there, done that"-thing for her.
Well, it took her 3 1/2 years to finally come, but upon leaving last night she said herself that she will be eating some big slices of humble pie when she gets back home to tell her friends all about it. This place sure have changed a lot since her time here, and she really both settled in and fitted in quite nicely in our lifestyle here.
I hope it wont take her another 3 1/2 years to come again..!


Norm said...

Hi Boel! I found your blog months ago from the link on Paula's blog, and I've been reading it for ages. I feel a bit like a stalker though, as I never comment! So I just wanted to say it's great, and I'm really impressed with how often you post - I manage about 1 per week, and mainly about food!

A belated Happy Birthday, and I'm glad your Mum had a nice time here.

We have Alan Gibbons working with us at ISB this week - he's great isn't he?

Kate (from Mosaics)

MrsW said...

Hi Kate! Good to see you "here"!
Thank you!
What's the address to your blog?

(It was my mother-in-law... but yes, she had a wonderful time!)

Norm said...

Hi Boel,

If you click on my Google name (Norm - my maiden name was Norman!) it'll take you straight to my blog I think.

If not it's:

Are you still mosaic-ing? I'm taking a break but might start again later this year!