Saturday, 22 January 2011

May the force be with us

This whole week, and much of last week to be honest, we have been busy party planning for the big bash this morning. Ever since Lucas changed his mind and didn't want a Jungle Gym party after all, it was decided that his party would be a Star Wars party this year. So I've been busy googling and googling for inspiration and creating the best Star Wars party ever!
It's a bit easier when you have a theme, to get ideas for food, games, dress-ups etc; and if I may say it myself - I think we have come up with a great party!
The food looks good, the cake is amazing, the decorations are awesome, the games will be super fun AND... we also have a huge surprise planned that I just can't wait to experience!

Check out this years invitation:

The badges for the Jedis, with the tasks they will be completing:

The little place cards for the food:

Our home made R2D2! We are especially proud of this one!
Here in the making... It looks a bit different now, will show you a pic later!

The goodie bags, that will be filled with something extra cool too..! (Will show you later!)

Very shortly about 20+ little Jedis will descend on us, and all I can say is:
May the force be with us..!

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