Saturday, 8 January 2011

Tap & Jazz

Linnea was never really keen on the ballet at school. Maybe because it wasn't really easy for the poor instructor to keep 15 (!) 4/5-year olds in check, and it became rather unorganized, maybe because it was just not her thing.
We decided this term though, to enter her at the popular Dance Studio in town, where quite a few of her little friends already go. They started off a new class for her age today, 'Tap & Jazz', and it's instructed by Linnea's old Kindy teacher, whom she adore.

Well, it was a roaring success! First thing she told me when coming out after class was:
-"Mummy, you need to buy me those black tip-tap shoes!"

I snapped some photos through the glass, with my phone, not very good but a little taster anyway. Linnea is in the middle, with her pink ballet outfit on:

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