Thursday, 17 March 2011

Silly Bandz silliness

One of the latest crazes that has spread the last few months amongst the kids at school is the 'Silly Bandz' - rubber bands made of silicone rubber formed into shapes of basically anything and everything.
The kids wear them as bracelets, and you are supposed to create your own collection, swop and trade them with your friends.

I'm not sure if we are totally behind out here, or right on it? One thing is for sure, the kids are going nuts about these 'Silly Bandz', everybody has them!
They come in all sorts of variations: Hello Kitty ones, Paul Frank ones, Barbie ones, Angry Bird ones (!), Justin Bieber ones (?), Marvel ones, Princess ones, Dino ones, Western ones etc etc etc. The list is endless. You name it, there is probably a 'Silly Bandz' like it!

Lucas got his in a party bag at one of the recent birthday parties, and Linnea got some from her friend Gemma. Other than those I haven't been pressured to buy any more, yet. They are not very dear though, and since the kids have some very specific ones on their wish lists, I have promised we will have a look for some new ones in NZ.

I guess every generation has their own thing, I remember collecting scented erasers and stickers that smelled if you scratched them! Those were the days!


NETTAN said...

Billy is into them to, so Canada is in the same "zone" then ;)

Norm said...

Oh yes, they're a BIG craze here aren't they! My class are all obsessed with them. Have you seen the mini 'ring' ones too?

I was really worried when they first started getting into them - I thought they'd be flicking them around the classroom and I'd have to ban them; but no, they've been really sensible with them, just wearing them round their wrists and swapping them with eachother.

Nikki White said...

Big craze here too! The kids are so into them and are getting quite a collection!