Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring fever

As I've established so many times on this blog, one of the things I miss the most with Europe, is the shifts in the weather, the seasons. Here - it's all same-same, nearly every day. Nice yes, but also boring.

At the moment, I live through reading other people's blogs. I read blogs of people back home that are starting to thaw out after a very long and cold winter, people that describe the first signs of spring with such passion and joy that I can feel it all through my body.
I LOVE those intensely tingling feelings when the first sun comes out again, when the snow begins to melt, when you can wear your denim jacket and your Converse, when the birds start chirping in the mornings, when you eat the first soft-ice, when the first flowers break through the soil and when the trees bud.

There's nothing better - and luckily for me, it's all over the Swedish blogosphere at the moment! I relish in it and live through those blogs a little bit!

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