Friday, 25 March 2011

Photo array from Milford Sound

Here are some photos from our little trip yesterday. This is the little Cessna we hired:

All aboard!

And we have lift-off, leaving Queenstown airfield and Lake Wakatipu behind. A perfect day, perfect weather - sunny and clear.

Family photo!

Most of the lakes up here get fed by the glaciers, which means that they have a silky smooth surface thanks to the silt, and their temperature stays between 10-12 degrees all year around. Lake Wakatipu is the longest lake in NZ, 100 km long.

Talking to the pilot is always fun!

Beautiful snowy mountains...

Then we reached the west coast, here we are looking towards the north:

This area is a World Heritage Area, a status earned by it's very special flora, landscape, fauna and geology. Here we are flying in over the 16k long Milford Sound - which despite it's name, actually is a fiord.

Approaching the airfield, to the right. To the left you can see the Bowen Falls Drop (160m).


Beautiful weather even here! So lucky!
We opted out of the short shuttle bus servo wand enjoyed the 20 min walk around the bay to the Visitors Center instead.

Then it was time to board the boat for our cruise.

Bowen Falls (160m) and Lucas, the photographer.

Linnea, the photographer.

Copper Point, the narrowest and windiest point.

The not-so-happy family... Just being told off by the Captain for running around...

Fur seals!!

Lucas found a friend.

Ready to go back again.

Bye Milford Sound.

Mitre Peak, one of the tallest mountains in the world to rise straight from the sea floor, to a height of 1692m. This is the symbol of Milford Sound.

Paradise Valley, used to house one of the biggest sets of the recordings of the 'Lord of the Rings'- movies.

Put her in a moving vehicle, and this happens...

And here we are approaching Queenstown again, from the south. Fantastic view! Can you see Bob's Peak to the left, where the gondola goes to?

What a fabulous day!
One we will always remember, for sure! Such a special memory.

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Det ser helt fantastiskt ut. Onskar att jag vore med er...Kramar Anna