Monday, 14 March 2011

Going green

I read something very positive on a fellow Bruneian blog today:
Today the Minister of Development is launching a promotional campaign to introduce something environmentally friendly to the Bruneians - the "No plastic bags weekend". It's really a good step in the right direction to make the country more 'green'!

This will start on "Earth Hour"-day, the 26th of March, and apparently until then we will see a huge campaign across the country, with radio adverts, adverts in newspapers and banners and posters throughout the country.
In practice, this means, that from the 26th of March - no major supermarkets will issue plastic bags during the weekends.

I've used reusable bags already since a couple of years now - and of course I welcome this national incentive and hope that more and more people will remember to use their reusable bags, even in the weeks! Every little bit counts!

(Here you can read an article from the 15/03/11 Brunei Times about this initiative.)

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Babbling in Brunei said...

Well it's about time! Have you seen the number of plastic bags they use in SupaSave? If you buy anything from the meat counter now it comes in 2 plastic bags alone, plus the checkout girl will usually give it a separate bag. These kind of initiatives are great but if they only last 24 hours what good does it do? I am sure the day after most locals will go back to the 20 plastic bags the get at the supermarket. Oh and while I am on the subject, shoppers please put your trolleys in the trolley park when you have finished with them, damn!