Saturday, 3 July 2010

One dolla'! One dolla'!

A while back at one of the kids' birthday parties, a couple of us ladies started discussing the possibility of doing a garage sale together. We all needed to clear out a bit before the summer. Said and done, today was the day. There were seven of us who brought our stuff down to Nicole's house and at 2 o'clock it all broke loose!
My first garage sale here in Brunei!

Even though I had some experience from UK car boot sales, this wasn't really the same thing. I had been warned that most of the people that come and buy don't exactly have the big budget, and nothing could be prized up too expensive.
The "customers" here don't know anything about European brands, and frankly don't care if the clothes come from GAP, Next, Monsoon or what else. They just want to make some bargains.

I had sorted out a bunch of odds and sods, both clothes and other things that we were never going to use again and that I didn't care much about. I sold all the clothes for a dollar each (very cheap!!), and the other bits and pieces cheap-cheap too. It all went within about 45 minutes!
I didn't make a huge amount of money, but enough to make it worthwile. Plus, it wasn't really about the money for me - it was more about making some space in the wardrobes and getting rid of things that were just taking up space.

And, it was a nice couple of hours in the company of good friends!

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