Saturday, 17 July 2010


Mormor and Morfar bought a new pool this summer, for us to have fun in while we are here, yay! Yesterday, which was a beautifully sunny day, was spent setting it all up, it took all day and the kids were rather disappointed they couldn't try it out because it wasn't yet full when it was their bedtime.
They got promised that today they would be allowed to swim, all day if they wanted to!

Well, today it rains. Of course.
It doesn't just rain, it pouring down actually! Almost like Brunei-rain! It's so cold too, brrr! Swedish summer, boo-hoo.

Linnea still wanted to try the pool though, so here she goes in...

... and here she comes out just as quick!

Well, we have another five weeks, it's bound to become sunny and hot again at some stage. Until then we'll spend the rainy days in the shops! ;)

(Just for fun info, last Sunday they measured the second hottest day ever here in Skara since they started measuring weather in the 1850s. Only once before has it been hotter, and that was back in the 1940s.)

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Maria said...

Just like the "summer" we're having here. The beaches are beautiful just shame about the rain that comes with it!