Friday, 2 July 2010

End of year Assembly 2010

This morning I had the pleasure of watching the Nursery and Kindy classes doing their End of year Assembly. There had been a special viewing arranged, just for us parents, and all the kids were just so clever!
It's always great to see the kids at these assemblies; how confident they have grown over the year, how much they've learned, how great they are at performing and how much they love it!
I get so proud, and a little bit teary too when I think about that we are about to finish another year at school, close another chapter. I can't believe this year has already gone passed so quickly!

Here's Linnea and her little mates, Linnea slightly to the right of the middle, in blue shirt:

Singing and playing the claves:

Their Assembly was about people who have visited them this year in class, people who help us. They've had a Doctor, a Dentist, a Hairdresser, a Nurse and a Policeman in class f.e. They showed a little slide show about this. Here's Linnea getting checked out by the Doctor:

And continuing on that theme, everybody got to tell us in the microphone what they want to be when they grow up. Most of the girls wanted to be fairies, princesses or mermaids, but Linnea wanted to be a - Zookeeper!

There was a lovely slide show of that too, with pictures the kids had made of their wishes. Here's Linnea and a few of her friends:

'Pilot' seem to be a popular choice of career for the boys:

Even though the boys were a little bit more diverse in their plans for the future. There were a few Supermen (because he "saves the world"!), a fireman, a diver, a few knights, a roman (?) and - a racing car driver..:

I so enjoyed this morning! The kids did such a great job! Well done Linnea!

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