Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wipeouts and safety nets

I had a wipeout day yesterday, totally under the weather. Took the kids to school and then home and back to bed. Managed to get Linnea and then home and back to sleep, again, on the sofa. Spent all day just lying down, couldn't eat, couldn't do anything, just felt really crappy.

On the bright side, I'm happy we are living where we are in a situation like this. Being an expat, you can't rely on family to help you out, neither with baby sitting nor with emergencies. You don't have the "normal" safety net of grandparents and other family members around you. F.e I can probably count on one hand the times Nathan and I were out without the kids during our five years in the UK!
Here, of course it is a different story.

Here we all have amahs (=maids), who not only does all the housework and cooks the meals, but can also look after the kids if need be. It's like having a built in babysitter, and we have really got our adult social life back since moving out here.
But also, we have a close community where we all help each other. I had no trouble finding a friend to take Lucas home from school for me (Nathan was at work), since I couldn't get out of the house again in the afternoon; and if I would've needed help with anything else, that would've been sorted too.

Here, help is never further than a phone call away. No one is never too busy or too rushed to help out. It feels really good to have a great safety net.

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