Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A day at Dahlénium

I haven't been blogging for a few days, for two reasons. Firstly the internet connection here wont allow me to upload any more photos at the moment, and the last few days I haven't even been close to a computer - instead I have been out there, enjoying life to the fullest!

This blog is about Sunday, without photos for now, they will be uploaded later. It was a(nother) rainy day on Sunday so we decided to spend it at Dahlénium, an expo and interactive Science Center all in one. Me and the kids left Daddy at home in front of Tour the France and went out with my friend Johanna and her two boys Mickaël and Jonathan. (Dahlénium has got it's name from the homeboy Gustaf Dalén, born there in 1869. He was a Swedish Nobel Prize winner, and also the inventor of the AGA company and the Dalén light.)

We had never been before, and neither had Johanna so we didn't quite know what to expect, but we were really positively surprised. Even though the kids didn't quite have the patience to read every instruction nor the age to follow each experiment through - they had a blast and we spent over 3 hours there, and could easily have spent a few more (but the mummys needed coffee..!).
It was a fun day, because the kids could both explore some things by themselves and try more intricate experiments together with us.

I decided straight away this will be a place we will make recurrent visits to every summer, it will just get better and better the older the kids get.

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