Saturday, 31 July 2010

Our World Champs

On Wednesday afternoon it was time for one of the highlights in the Skara calendar - they yearly WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (!) in cherry-pip-spitting! :D
Yes, they are actually arranged in my small home town, and this year they even celebrated their 20 year anniversary.
The competition came about together with the Pancake-party, where they eat a special kind of local pancake, full of cherries. Nathan and I tried some of course:

The World Record stands from 2004, and it's 15,94 m. There are classes for men, women and juniors, which is under 12s.
It's pretty serious with plenty of officials helping out measuring the distance, brushing away the pips and organizing the competitors. Here they have just set up:

I managed to convince both Lucas and Linnea to participate, but Lucas didn't at all want to say that he was from Brunei (nor NZ/Sweden etc), he just wanted to be from Skara. I also had to come with them up on stage, and as it turned out - I had to eat the cherries too and then just give them the pips! :)

Here is Lucas getting interviewed, and spitting:

And Linnea:

Unfortunately their results (2,50m and 2,43m) weren't enough for a spot in the top three. The winner amongst the juniors spat a whooping 9,70m!
But at least they can tell their grand-kids one day that they have participated in a World Championship!

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