Friday, 23 July 2010

12.4 k later

After the rain finally stopped today, Nathan and I went out for a walk.
12.4 k and nearly 2 hours later we were back home again after having covered a big area of the surroundings!

It was a bit chilly (only 19 degrees) but still a lovely walk, and nice quality time to spend together just the two of us.


SusanneB said...

Ahem... are you shure you are in Sweden? I always thought that Sweden is the same time zone as Germany. But today - right now, while I am reading your last post - the date is July 23rd here in Hamburg...

MrsW said...

Hey Susanne!
I keep forgetting to change the time on my postings, automatically it follows BN time, as that's the time I keep the computer on (easier that way).
Have changed it now, still the 23rd here too!