Wednesday, 14 July 2010

In the time warp

Have returned to our old hometown in the UK for a few days before continuing our travels over to Scandiland.
We lived here for about five years and both the kids were born here, but it's now been three years already since we left. Considering everything we have experienced since then, in a way it feels like a lifetime ago!
Driving in to town though, it all felt strangely comfortable and homely in a very odd way.

Yesterday was spent with my very good friends here and sitting around the table laughing and giggling our way through lunch, I realized how much I miss having them in my life. I just slotted straight back into the group and it all felt so normal, like it was just yesterday we hung out together.

I had such a nice day, and I'm feel lucky that I have friends like these. Even though I might physically see them just once every few years, they are still people I care a lot about and friendships I really treasure. I feel rich.

Here's the kids and their friends yesterday, first normal:

Then crazy shot!

And the girls:

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