Saturday, 17 July 2010


Last summer we had it on the way down to Copenhagen, this summer on the way up - a pit stop in Falkenberg!

Our German friends from Brunei have a summer house there, and it suited perfectly to stop in for a cup of coffee and a bit of a chat on Thursday when we were travelling through.
Last year Claudia was still pregnant, this year there was a cute little Malin added to the family!

Linnea was lucky enough to get some special treatment from the big girls, she was allowed to wear some of their nail polish..! But Claudia had to assist with the manicure.

Then she found her dream toy, a microphone that played HSM songs... ooooohhhhh...

On the way home in the truck, she watched HSM2 on her Archos, and this is what she was doing every time 'Troy' came on the screen... Jeez, she's only 4!

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