Sunday, 11 July 2010

Congestion in the simpang

Our office is facing the back of the house, and the window is overlooking the road that goes past down to the other three houses in our simpang. Two of those are other RBA people and the last house belongs to a Malay family.
My desk is closest to the window so I have prime view over who's coming and going, although usually there is not much to see. Just the neighbours driving in and out a couple of times a day.

The last few weeks though, there has been heavy traffic down our simpang, and today it culminated in total traffic chaos. You see, the son in the Malay house is getting married, and a wedding here can draw out over several weeks.
There has been BUSES driving in and out, hundreds and hundreds of people coming and going, endlessly.
Today was the main day, and from my window I've seen people come and go (you see, you don't stay long!) all morning, since they obviously mostly parked along the main road.
It's quite nice to watch them, as they are all in their best outfits, and often the whole family is colour-coordinated.
When we drove from our house down to join our main road (Jln Muara) to go off for lunch earlier, this is what we saw in one direction.

And this in the other!

And it didn't even end there, there was cars over the hill and continuously for several hundred meters yet, and down every side-simpang close to here too. I've never seen so many cars before for a wedding, gosh!
When we got back from lunch 1 1/2h later though, they were all gone! Just like that.

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