Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pretty please

Lucas is so ready for summer holidays, and for our trip, he knows it's not long left now. The other day he was making sure, that we get picked up in the "truck" (=the camper) when we get to Sweden this time. He likes that. He also made sure that BOTH Mormor and Morfar will come and get us, as last time Mormor was in hospital when we arrived.
He is looking forward to going to Sweden, but he is a bit worried he will be bored though, as there is no Wii there (...). But he has already been busy deciding what we are having for dinner the first few days - I love the fact that he has his own "Swedish favourites" in food. Just like I have mine.

He has also asked me with if we pleeeeeeeeeeease can... go to IKEA while we are in Sweden!
Ha ha, that's my boy!!

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