Saturday, 17 July 2010

Garden fun

Our last day in UK was spent with all our good friends in Anna's garden. She has the most beautiful garden, which is also a perfect playground for the kids, all kitted out for hours of fun - trampoline, football goal, endless range of toys, playhouse etc.
Even though the weather was rather unreliable with shattered rain showers every now and then the kids had a blast.
They were playing themselves hungry and then had a picnic outside:

Savannah & Linnea:

Maya & Lucas

It's been so amazing to see these few days back in the old home town, how well the kids have played with each other. I can't help but wondering if it is thanks to the kids' social skills (my kids are anything but shy...), they are pretty used to meeting and playing with new people; or if it is because deep down they do feel that there is some kind of connection. Anyhow, I'm happy I have easygoing kids and that they (well, we!) have such good friends in so many places!


Nathan said...

I think it is because they like playing with other kids.I can't see what the connection is you are thinking about? Think it might be mummy searching for something?

Jason said...

Or just enjoying being able to play outside in temperatures that don't cause you to dissolve while Dad gets pissed on the patio.