Thursday, 8 July 2010

Last day of Year 1 & Kindy

Today is the last day of term for this year. Another year gone already, time flies! The kids were very excited to go to school this morning, because they are both having parties later today. Here they are with all the presents for their teachers, ready to go:

Linnea is having a Pirate Party today. Here she is presenting her teacher Mrs Moran with her present. This year I brought back some locally produced honey from the area where I'm from in Sweden, and we also gave them a honey spoon in bamboo and lovely cards the kids had helped me make:

Here is Lucas with his teacher, Mr Jolly:

The kids have both had a great year this year, with great friends and super teachers, and they have learned so much! They both got excellent school reports and they both enjoy school and look forward to next year already.
We are so proud of them.

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