Thursday, 22 July 2010

Local highlights

Today we took on some of the local highlights here in Skara.
They have a brand new Visitors Center in town; it's a really nice tourist information office combined with a flash expo about how they made the famous (well, in Sweden) Arn-movies. It was all about knights.
They even have a shop selling different kinds of medieval knight paraphernalia:

We put on the special headphones and off we went:

It was a rather interesting expo actually, even for the kids who for obvious reasons haven't seen the movie itself; they still listened to all the different info about the knights and the movie making, and asked lots of questions.

There was also a part of the expo about the Skaramissalet, Sweden's oldest (it's from 1150!) preserved book which is kept here in Skara. Even that interested the kids, especially Lucas.

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