Thursday, 22 July 2010

Skara Domkyrka

Back in Brunei a while back, we passed a wedding celebration and came to talk about why people get married, when and where etc. Linnea was asking where Nathan and I got married, and when my answer was:
-"At the church close to Mormor & Morfars house", the instant follow-up question was:
-"What's a church..?"

Hm. Might be time for some religious education..?
It's a bit odd really, because in school they learn lots about the religions of the Malay, Chinese and even the Indians - but when it comes to Christianity it's only about the "commercial" side of the holidays, they never really talk about why we celebrate Christmas, or Easter etc.

So today I took them all to visit our pride here in Skara, Skara Domkyrka (our Cathedral), one of the biggest in Sweden.

We went for a walk-around inside, but neither of the kids showed any big interest so we cut the visit quite short. Linnea thought it was very pretty inside though, and she borrowed the camera and took some photos. This one of me and Nathan actually turned out pretty nice!

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