Monday, 28 February 2011

Sushi school @ school

I've been a part of the 'Parent-Liason-Group' at school for the last three years now. I'm the representative for Linnea's year group, and basically what us reps do, is to try and connect parents with each other on a more relaxed level.
We are in charge of contact lists, we look after new families that arrive, and we try and arrange a 'happening' or two each term, for parents only.

This term, apart from our regular coffee morning with invited speaker (this time it is about 'Healthy choices right from the start') - we had an idea of a Sushi Evening, come and learn how to make sushi!
Of course, I had the perfect volunteer... and after a little bit of convincing, she agreed to do it!

So tonight, Misuzu hosted a fully booked session on the art of making sushi, at school. I came around to help out, but she had prepared most things from home though:

It looked like a scene from a cooking show on TV, she was on a podium in front of everyone:

The was even a mirror above the stove, so everybody could see what she was doing:

Here preparing the sushi maki:

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Cooking gyoza:

Everybody did really well! Their rolls turned out beautiful, and tasty! Nearly all of the "students" packed up some of their rolls to take home and show off, so funny!

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{ Yu'er } said...

Must be tasty! Wish I had time last night!