Thursday, 3 February 2011

Boot Camp morning

No rest for the wicked. Even though there is no school today nor tomorrow, Anna and I decided to go to kickboxing anyway early this morning to kick off the day (pun intended!).
This morning it was just us two and one of the local girls. Our session turned into more of a boot camp than just exercise. You see, our sensei doesn't go any easier on us when there are fewer of us, quite the opposite...

Hard work for 1 1/2 h, but really good fun today! We got to work the punching bag a bit and for the first time we did some "proper" sparring against each other. Well, I use the word "proper" very loosely - we are girls after all, ha ha! There was a lot of: "Oh, sorry!", "Oups, didn't mean to hit", "Oh dear, too hard", "Are you ok?" etc.
I felt like I was in some kind of computer game, and sometimes I had to resist the urge of just running the other direction - but I also got some points and some good hits! It was FUN!

And now, I can enjoy my coffee and carrot cake with good conscience!

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