Sunday, 20 February 2011

My little shoe lover

When Grandma was here and we spent quite some time shopping (yes, I blame her!), I realized for the first time that I am a "shoe person" after all.
I found these absolutely beautiful 'to-die-for'-shoes in a new shoe shop in town, and when I tried them on, it was like falling in love..!
Unfortunately, they were a bit tight over my toes, and no matter how big the love, I wouldn't have been comfortable and hence never worn them, so it was a no-buy in the end.

Last weekend, we had to take the kids to another shoe shop to get some black school shoes for Lucas. While we were busy looking for a suitable pair for him, Linnea was trying on a few shoes on her own. Suddenly she comes all excited and pulls me over, to show me these - according to her - beautiful shoes: a silver pair of wedges, with a white bow and a heart on them.
Nothing I would normally buy for her at all so I told her that "today we are only getting school shoes, maybe another day", and thought she would forget all about them.

But - I think it must have been shoe love, because every day this week she has asked me if we were going back to get her shoes!
So, I thought, ok then, whatever makes her happy. I took her to another shop by the same chain yesterday. Unfortunately they didn't have her size, and I don't think I've ever seen her so devastated! She had a total breakdown; but not the tantrum kind, the crushed kind... She was in such a state, bless her.
Today we were more lucky and finally found them in another shop in her size - and she is in heaven!
Here they are, her new most priced possessions:

The little tag attached to the shoes said:
"As little girls grow up and become increasingly fashion-conscious, they often try to dress up like mummy! [The brand] has just the shoes for them - fun and trendy in cheerful, exciting colours. So brighten up your little girl's world with [the brand]!"

I sure did! I'm the best Mummy in the world right now! (And I guess the shoe love has been inherited...)


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