Sunday, 27 February 2011

A day at the Spit

As far as I can remember, I haven't been out on our boat since May... 2009! Nearly TWO years ago!!! It's outrageous, really, when you think about it. Nathan has been out a few more times than that, but still, not enough.
I guess for us boating is a bit like going to the beach, we rarely do it, but when we do, we do really enjoy it!
So, we should do it more often. From now on.

Anyway, today we went along to one of the events organized by the Yacht Club, an 'Away Day to the Spit'. We've done it once before, and just like then, it was a lovely, relaxing day at the beach.

The kids did only barely came away from the beach 5 minutes to have some lunch, otherwise they were down there all afternoon, swimming, playing rugby, surfing the waves, building sand weddings (yes, apparently??), collecting sticks... Having the best day!

Oh yeah - I was there too!

On the way back to the Yacht Club, we passed all the kids (!) sailing back. It took them around 1 1/2 h..! Woaw!

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