Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

At the on-on at the Kids Hash, the JM always asks for some entertainment and there is the opportunity for the kids to tell a joke, if they have one. Usually it's the same kids over and over again who have jokes prepared.
Today, to my great surprise, Lucas came to me and said that he had a joke - so I sent him off to step up and tell it to the crowd. He was very brave, and the joke was actually pretty good too:

- Why didn't the bull shark eat the clown?

- I don't know, why didn't he?

- Because he thought he tasted funny!

Ha, ha, ha!

The kids also found another way of entertaining themselves after the run... Linnea did come and ask me if she could get her shoes and socks wet; and I said yes since they had already gone quite mushy on the run.
I didn't quite expect them (or the whole of her!) being exposed to this though..:

A great big puddle of goey mud! They must have had so much fun!
I can tell you I had two kids coming home in the car, in the nude!

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