Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A day off at the beach

Today was a public holiday here in Brunei (Prophet Muhammad's birthday), and the kids had an extra day off school. Nathan went for a long ride this morning with one of his mates that works as a teacher (hence, he was off today), and I... had a sleep-in! Bliss.
Then we had a mid-morning nap, some nice lunch, and after the post-lunch siesta... we managed to muster up some energy and took the kids down to the beach for a change.

We don't go to the beach all that frequently, but every time we do, we keep saying that we should really do it more often! It's always really nice!

Today there was a nice breeze, no sand flies; and the kids had a ball with their friends in the big waves!

Linnea collected sea shells and played in the sand:

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