Sunday, 13 February 2011


I love weekends when there is not much on. They are just for "softing" as we say - taking it easy, doing just what we like.
This weekend was a pretty normal one, with an impromptu pizza party with friends on Friday afternoon, tap&jazz for Linnea and a birthday party for Lucas yesterday and karate today.

We are on week 3 of a new rule with no TV (nor Wii) during the week, and to my surprise it has worked really well. It's easier when things are black or white: Monday-Thursday, no TV; Friday-Sunday, TV. The kids accept the rules, and are not whining about it incessively.
So, we get nice sleep-ins in the weekend, because they really enjoy their morning TV-time then!

Today we might even go watch the big screen, someone said there's a 'Yogi Bear'-movie at the Mall. Sounds like one the kids might enjoy, and I'll enjoy my popcorn!

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