Friday, 18 February 2011

A slice of heaven

On my birthday I got a spa voucher from the girls. This morning I had booked in for a 2 hour facial treatment, and I was really looking forward to it.

Thann Spa is rumoured to be one of the better spas here in Brunei, and even though it was really nice and I did enjoy every minute of my treatment (gosh, all those creams smelled super yummy!) - it wasn't quite what I thought I had booked in for.

I don't get, why no matter what kind of treatment you book here (this goes for the other spas I've tried as well) - you get BACK, NECK and HAND massage too?! I mean, I wanted just a f-a-c-i-a-l..? It's so weird.

Plus, the facials out here are more like 'face massages' with lots of different (nice-smelling!) creams, rather than cleansing treatments. When I get a facial, I want to feel that my face gets clean in a deep down way, that I can't do myself. You don't get that here, or maybe I've just not found the right place, or treatment yet.

Anyway, I sure have a smooth, soft and nice-smelling face right now and it was 2 hours of blissful relaxation. Great start to the weekend!


Thann Sanctuary said...

Dear Mrs W,

Thank you for your feedback and review of your recent treatment experience at Thann Sanctuary.

We are delighted to hear that you enjoy every minute of your treatment, but was disappointed to learn that it wasn't quite what you thought you had booked in for.

At Thann Sanctuary, we go an extra miles to throw in extra little perks where possible. The facial treatment starts off with a mini Back Massage to assist with the relaxation, and you might also notice that during this time, you are also benefiting from the aromatherapy when laying face down to further elevate the therapeutic benefits. The same concept hold true to the reason why we include Hand Massage after the application of the facial masque were possible. Instead of leaving you there by yourself while waiting for the masque to dried, we thought it's a nice thought to give our client a hand massage to help pass the time. Should you prefer to skip this, do feel free to let your facialist know :)

As a member of Geneva Convention of Aesthetics, we do not practice any extraction as we believe it will leave the skin looking worse to wear. We like to work with the skin, not against it. Instead we focus on using a series of potent clinical proven products (that smell great naturally without any artificial fragrance) to soften pores and a series of lymphatic drainage massage, a time honored technique used by many trained facialists to promotes circulation, giving skin a luminosity and a lift (a core component of Rejuvenating Facial which you had). In additional, the facial massage, helps drain toxins and impurities. And our powerful plant-based facial oils, helps regulate skin’s own oil production.

All our facials incorporate a patented sonic cleansing to the frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the micro-massage action removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than manual cleansing. For an even deeper cleansing, perhaps you should consider trying our Signature "Purifying Oxygen Facial" (1HR 45M) or "Rebalancing Facial" which uses a series of active deep cleansing masque, along with an imported state of the art beauty equipment from Spain to aid in decongesting the skin instead of the "Rejuvenating Facial" which uses a series of lymphatic drainage massage as a core technique. (Refer to Description:

Kind Regards,

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MrsW said...

Thank you Thann Sanctuary - for your very thorough answer to my queries..!
I did enjoy the 'extra perks', I just didn't understand them - now I do.

I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

You could try The Health Express Day Spa at the same block of HSBC building in Kiulap for the thorough exfoliating blackheads or deep pore cleansing facial treatments. I'd reckoned my therapist named Christine, if you do try.