Monday, 21 February 2011

I'm a Barbie Girl... ♫♪♪♫♫

Today I tried something new (to me) and quite exciting - eyelash extensions! My friend Anna put me onto it, she swears by them and has actually become quite addicted to them! :)
They are good, because you don't have to wear any mascara, well hardly any make-up when you are having these extensions. Your eyes become really open and the lashes are long, full and curly without any special effort!

I must say it was quite a lengthy procedure though, it took about 1 1/2 hours this first time; and since I didn't quite know what to expect, it was a bit scary and I didn't care much for the "glued-eye"-feeling I had during it...

First the technician taped my lower eyelashes to protect them and avoid that the lower and upper lashes got glued together. It wasn't very comfortable, but had to be done. Then she went on to glue the extensions on to my own lashes, one at a time to each existing eyelash, about 60 of them to each eye. I luckily had brought my headphones, so I could listen to a couple of podcasts while she worked away!
These extensions should now last between 3-6 weeks, they fall off with my own eyelashes. I'm supposed to go back and upkeep them with a new visit every month to touch up and just fill them in.

I'm pretty happy with them, although I think they look very party now when they are all new! Anna says they will look a bit more natural in a week or so. Plus next time it wont take so long, and I know what I'm in for, so shouldn't be as uncomfortable.



Best thing is, at home (in Sweden) I've seen them charge anything between $250-$400 for this - and around $100 for each touch-up. Here, it cost..:
$60 and $15 for a touch-up! Bargain!


Anki72 said...

Very tjusigt!! :)

Orchid Row said...

Woah! Loving the eyelashes! Where did you get them done? And only at $60 at a time?!?!

Contemplating getting my own pathetic eyelashes done too despite warnings from friends that my own eyelashes will fall off more easily if I get extensions.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous eyelashes! Does it hurt? Do they tug on your eyes? Where? Do spill.