Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fire! Fire!

Just as we walked the kids back to their classrooms after the eye screening this morning, the fire alarm went off. Linnea's teacher caught up with us just as they were coming out of their room, and took Linnea with her - but Lucas protested when we tried to take him back to his classroom; no, he told us he needed to go to the helipad.
Well, turns out, the helipad is the assembly point, and that's where they all have been told to meet. Lucas was the first one there from his class. Another little friend who had been off to the toilet joined him too, but it actually took a while for the rest of their class to turn up.

We were really happy he knew exactly what to do, and had done the right thing by going straight to the assembly point, even though he was by himself.

Nathan and I had to stay as well, until it all was called off. We didn't mind, it was quite nice to experience this. I was impressed by how all the children listened attentively to and followed the instructions, and how well executed the whole drill was.

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