Thursday, 10 February 2011

Huge improvement

They started working on our simpang way back in October, and was nearly driving me crazy in the process. Then all of a sudden, it all came to a screeching halt and they have done nothing, zip, nada, for over a month.

Until a couple of days ago, when suddenly these big machines appeared:

Yes!! A sight for sore eyes, and something we have been waiting for - they were starting to seal the road, finally!
They were really lucky to work on the road during what seems like the only two days where there actually have been no rain in... months.

So now, our bumpy gravel simpang have turned into a nice, smooth, black road:

The kids were so excited, and have tested it out thoroughly of course. They can now go speedy fast down the little hill just by our house, which they like of course. We like that they don't risk falling over on any stones or in any holes anymore. The new seal has made such a difference!
Here's Linnea on the scooter:

Now we are just waiting to see if they are going to paint a white centerline or not, somehow I don't think our simpang really qualifies for that, but you never know..!

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