Sunday, 5 April 2009

Away Day at the Spit

Today we went out on our boat, to participate in our first "Away Day at the Spit". This is something that the Yacht Club organizes a few times every year, and it's usually very popular to come along.
The Spit is an island not very far from the Yacht Club, where they take people for the day. You can either go on their boats or with your own. They spray the Spit beforehand to avoid too much sand flies etc, and they clean it up as well. On the day, they organize a buffet meal and supply drinks, ice creams etc for those who want. There are benches and picnic spots, even though most people brought their own camping chairs etc.

Tying up our boat, on the "boat side" of the Spit.

Some of the other boats.

The beach side.

The "picnic" area

Of course, being Brunei, even though there was well over 100 people out there today, you know most of them..! It's like one big play date for the kids who just run around and play, swim and have fun - and the parents can happily sit back and enjoy a beer/wine, and a very relaxing afternoon.

Lining up for lunch.

Lunch time.

Lucas really enjoyed playing in the waves today. They were just the right "size" for him and his friends - he was in the water all day. Only came up about 5 minutes to scoff a hot dog, and that was it! Luckily they never really get cold here, they can stay in the water all day if they want to, without turning blue.

The beach, and the waves.

It was a really nice day, and we will sign up again for sure!

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