Thursday, 30 April 2009


I loved playing cards and especially board games when I was a child. Problem was, as an only child I had to force my parents to play with me all the time and they were not always as keen as I was...
I still love playing games, I have made sure the kids have lots of games, and we play them quite often. The latest addition is this Ben10-themed UNO-card game I got for Lucas a while back.

UNO is a classic that I used to play lots (I remember the Christmas I got it, the whole family sat up half the night because we couldn't stop playing!) so I was thrilled when Lucas actually seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly.
We have been playing it over and over again the past few days, and even Linnea has proved to be a bit of a shark - she keeps winning and winning, even though the rest of us aren't even "loosing"!

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