Thursday, 16 April 2009

Kuala Lumpur Day 3

There is actually quite a lot to see and do here in KL. Today we started with a trip to the Twin Towers, to visit the science center there - Petrosains. It's supposed to be really good for kids, and yes indeed - it was full of school children, and us.
Linnea didn't really get much of all the fantastic displays and different interactive attractions, but she did enjoy it in her own way, pushing all the buttons and playing:

After our visit there it was already lunch time, so we stopped in for some sushi just next door. Not as good as in Excapade though!

After lunch Linnea took a nap, and I had time to myself to do some browsing around in the many shops. Didn't buy anything else than a Starbucks coffee though! There was so many people.

Then we went to the KL Tower, Menara Kuala Lumpur. We went up to the observation deck, from which we enjoyed stunning views over the whole of KL, near and far.

The tower stands 412 m tall, and on top of a hill, so it rises above even the Twin Towers. Linnea got some free binoculars:

And free water, in the shape of the tower (!):

Here we are:

Linnea is not very photogenic nor very cooperative when it comes to taking pictures...

It was really price worthy though, I was surprised actually. Normally at tourist attractions like this, they always try to suck as many dollars as they can out of you. Here it was the opposite, kind of. I only paid for me, and only RM38. Not only did we get up to see the view (with free water and free binoculars and a free audio-tour!), we also got a free pony ride:

And even a free photo of Linnea as a cowboy:

We got to go into the Winter Garden (which in itself wasn't very impressive, but hey, it was free!):

And finally, we got to enter a zoological display, with loads of snakes...

... monkeys, lizards, crocs and other animals. And Swiper the Fox!

To end our outing today, I took Linnea to the Lake Gardens to have a play in the Dinosaur Playground:

I was actually planning to do the famous Bird Park there too (the worlds largest walk-in-free-aviary) today, but we were too tired by then and needed ice cream.

After ice cream, we had a rest at the hotel before going out for dinner. Our hotel is situated right next door to the new, fancy Pavilions Shopping Mall - and there they had a TGIF restaurant! Mmm, gave me Dubai-flashbacks!

This is Linnea's meal:

And this is mine - and yes, that IS a huge Frozen Strawberry Margarita, mmm!

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